A Legacy of 125 Years

Industry Compliances

  • Labour law
  • Corporate law
  • Commercial law
  • Direct and Indirect Tax law
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Factories Act
  • Industrial Law
  • Mines Act
  • Intellectual Property

Welcome to the IPG Techlegal

Your company is an expert at what it does and everyone is busy focusing on that core competence. The company is doing well and everything is fine – for now.

While focusing on your core business is a priority there are several governance and regulatory responsibilities that have an impact your business.

Are you aware of every regulation you have to comply with ?

And every amendment that comes along the way ?

And the implications of non compliance at every step ?

Is your team well versed with all the details and demands of regulatory authorities ? Are they keeping up with the change ?

Do you have the required insight into actions being taken at all levels ?

If any of the questions stated here raise a doubt IPG Techlegal can help you.

IPG Techlegal Private Limited is company that has created a harmonized compliance management system that helps you and your team stay on top of regulatory compliance responsibilities.

Backed by a team of legal experts and assisted by a state of the art IT platform, IPG Techlegal gives you what you need to be 100% compliant.